Kudumbasree in kerala malayalam

And all this in a state one-tenth the size of California. T he countryside of Thrissur is paddy rich and filled with gangly coconut trees. If you glance up such a tree, a seemingly out of place device might be seen on its narrow trunk. But most stark might be what, or who, is atop it — a woman plucking the coconuts! A family of five in Kerala consumes at least one coconut every day.

To feed this obsession, Kerala has million coconut trees, most of which grow in the front and backyards of its residents. Ten years ago, the state realised the want of climbers could slowly be fulfilled by opening the job market to whom else women. Women from districts like Kozhikode, Thrissur, and Malappuram were trained to climb the trees with the help of a device and also given subsidised two-wheelers and mobiles.

These devices prevent chest pains and scars usually associated with climbing trees sans any help. To be poor, from a backward caste, and a woman are a triple blow in Kerala. Any attempt at alleviation requires patience, time, and a comprehensive program that goes beyond just handing over some money or food as charity.

What it requires a transformation from the ground up. And so, nearly two decades ago, the state began the Kudumbashree, a path-breaking venture that has considerably helped eradicate poverty in the region. The solution is simple — successful familial units contribute to a healthy society.

It organizes poor women at the grass root level and enhances their socio-economic standing through micro-credits and women empowerment initiatives via vocational training, education and healthcare. Its innovative poverty reduction approach is implemented through local self-government LSGs.

Kudumbasree Election Explained

Kudumbashree forms small groups of economically backward women and provides them with a mix of microfinance, state support and dynamic community action. The backbone of Kudumbashree is the Neighbourhood Group NHGwhich comprises of no more than 20 women from a ward in a district.

Meetings occur on a weekly basis in the houses of NHG members where schemes and other issues are discussed. Joining Kudumbasree means that women have to go for weekly meetings, where they meet other women and socialize. This makes them confident about themselves, and also ensures a steady monthly income. In a traditionally male-dominated society, women participating in the polity, going to vocational training programs and starting small businesses was not the norm.

J Sohan, former mayor of Kochi. What does this translate into on the ground? Take the Kudumbashree kitchens, for example. Community kitchens have been set in almost every district, and some even promote traditional food habits of tribal people which involve the consumption of locally-grown foodgrains and vegetables.

kudumbasree in kerala malayalam

I was trained by Kudumbashree members to cook and perform other service-oriented jobs in the cafeteria. The skill, money, and time it gives me are so beneficial.

കുടുംബശ്രീ തിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പ് ഈ മാസം തുടങ്ങും

The advantage of being apart of this network is it also encourages small-time enterprises. So Kumari and a group of women from her ward — Edamula in the Akalakulnnam district in Kottayam — are also able to grow their stitching business, where they tailor blouses and salwar-kameez suits for women in the area.

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But most crucially, at these weekly meetings, all members bring their thrift or savings, which can be as low as Rs Thrift, or small savings, can help alleviate poverty and decrease risk more than debt.

Kudumbashree women have demonstrated that the poor can and will save if given proper opportunities and incentives. Each NHG opens a joint account in a local bank, while each participant is given a separate passbook. Once trained to make simple banking transactions, these women become more empowered.

Kerala PSC - Social Welfare Schemes Kudumbashree

How much could small savings by economically backward women possibly be? Most recent public figures in said the group saved to the tune of Rs crore! Women do better in local government since they identify with the family more easily — and at the village panchayat level, you are dealing with families.

Kudumbashree, hence, was a turning point for the life of women in Kerala — an entry point into public life.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to provide services in line with the preferences you reveal while browsing the Website to show personalize content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from in order to improve your browsing experience on our Website.

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kudumbasree in kerala malayalam

My world was my husband and family. Kudumbasree gave me my first exposure to outside life. I am very well aware of my rights and about my society like you do. As a Panchayat President, my decisions are independent. If you ask me what gave me the capacity to say confidently about myself like this, it is definitely Kudumbasree. These were the words of an Elected Woman representative of a Panchayat in Kerala during the elections. From micro enterprises to women empowerment, the Self-help initiative of Kerala, with a membership of 43,93, women is in great demand by political parties.

More and more women from Kudumbashree are coming to the electoral forefront. This year, approximately 15, members of Kudumbashree are contesting in the Local Self Government Elections which is conducted in three phases across the State of Kerala on 8th, 10th and 14th December. In alone 11, women candidates with Kudumbashree background contested in the Panchayat elections whereas it increased to approximately 13, in LSG elections. Not just they contested, but they won too.

Electionswill surely show a rise in the percentage as these women contest not just in the women reserved wards, but also in the general wards for they have gained the acceptance of the ward members by the various activities that have been done by these Elected women representatives for their respective wards.

kudumbasree in kerala malayalam

They gain a great amount of self-confidence, independent thinking leadership skills and capability to point out the atrocities, which helps them, be facilitators of development. While political leaders interact with voters mostly during elections, these Kudumbashree women are actively involved with families every day and understand the difficulties of common people better as they come from poor families.

The women who participate in the elections are very confident and clear about their objectives. Gone are the days when women have been confined to the home and children. Many political parties have selected the women who had associated with the Kudumbashree Mission to contest in the local self-government elections due to their acceptance in the wards and also having a fair chance of winning.

The leadership abilities, communication skills, confidence build up, managing of stress and decision making ability which these Kudumbashree members gain from their activities in managing the neighborhood groups, Area development society and Community Development Society have been taken to a different level and can influence their functioning as an Elected Woman Representative.

They are aware of the problems at the grass root level and are in majority of the cases, the first point of contact for the members of the Ward they represent. The enthusiasm in which these women were recruited from the talent pool to contest for the elections fade away once they win the election and take charge as a member.

They are not always treated with due respect. Many Elected women complained that their suggestions were not considered seriously nor were they consulted while decisions were being made solely due to the fact that they are women.

At times they were also pressurized by their husbands to approve their decisions made by the male dominated Panchayats.

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On the other side of the coin, a large number of woman grassroots leaders across India are disproving the perception that women Panchayat Representatives are merely proxies for their male relatives who do not take active interest in the affairs of their Panchayats.The Hon'ble President of India, in his address to the Joint Session of Parliament on 9th June, had announced "By the time the Nation completes 75 years of its Independence, every family will have a pucca house with water connection, toilet facilities, 24x7 electricity supply and access.

In order to achieve this objective, Central Government has launched a comprehensive mission "Housing for All by " Housing for All HFA mission is since launched in compliance with the above objective of the Government and with the approval of competent authority. The mission seeks to address the housing requirement of urban poor including slum dwellers through following programme verticals:. Mission with all its component has become effective from the date The mission will support construction of houses upto 30 square meter carpet area with basic civic infrastructure.

Slum redevelopment projects and Affordable Housing projects in partnership should have basic civic infrastructure like water, sanitation, sewerage, road, electricity etc.

ULB should ensure that individual houses under credit linked interest subsidy and beneficiary led construction should have provision for these basic civic services. The minimum size of houses constructed under the mission under each component should conform to the standards provided in National Building Code NBC.

All houses built or expanded under the Mission should essentially have toilet facility. The houses under the mission should be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of structural safety against earthquake, flood, cyclone, landslides etc.

PMAY U. SL No. Paravur Best of Kudumbashree :. Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project. Local Self Government Department. Urban Affairs. Gujarat PMAY. Jharkhand PMAY.Kudumbashree means different things to different people. For some, it is the poverty eradication project of the State government of Kerala. Some others view it as an exclusive domain of women engaged in social work. Yet in some others, the term Kudumbashree evokes the image of the women in uniform who come to collect waste from their door steps.

For several people, Kudumbashree is like a blessing; a God-send. It appears as food to the hungry, as medicine to the sick, as a helping hand to the ailing.

Sections of men also see Kudumbashree as an unwanted platform that made women arrogant. There are politicians who think Kudumbashree as a channel to reach the poor; there are also politicians who see Kudumbashree as a hindrance to decision-making process.

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Certain others see it as a platform from where women enter politics. The poverty eradication mission is called Kudumbashree. In a village setting, a NHG is called Kudumbashree. The CDS is called Kudumbashree. CDS chairperson is referred to as Kudumbashree chairperson. Women believe that it is Kudumbashree that supplies nutrimix to Anganawadis. If all of these is Kudumbashree, then, what is its history?

How did it evolve? What we are trying to understand is how Kudumbashree — the community network of women and the Mission that supports it — came into being. Tracing it would amount to placing it in context, and examining the experiments and experiences from which the idea called Kudumbashree evolved.

From the perspective of a government programme, Kudumbashree was the extension of the CDS experiments in Alappuzha and Malappuram. The NHGs here were to be forums for planning and development action too. And the very concept of forming groups around neighbourhoods had been ingrained in traditional forms of community organisation in the state. In sum, the Kudumbashree idea appears to have evolved through the community mobilisation experiments in Alappuzha and Malappuram, also drawing in from the various civil society initiatives in community mobilisation for different purposes.

However, these initiatives themselves were informed by the experiences of certain traditional community organisations and practices. CDS system gained acceptance as a method as well as a process at the national level. The evolution of the CDS idea, over years of implementation of government programmes that required a community development approach, is a story worth telling.

As can be seen from the timeline of rural development programmes given above, a community development approach was evident from the early years in development programmes. InIntegrated Rural Development Programme was announced as a country-wide self-employment programme targeting the poor.

In the subsequent programmes that were more targeted or improved, the strategies of self-employment and wage employment continued. Neighbourhood groups were visualised in the programme, and byfromation of groups were initiated. The women were encouraged to save and the SHGs used that savings to lend to its members. Such a strategy was justified given the design of the programme, which was based on seven principles.

In spite of the attempts in community structures and bottom-up planning, UBS and UBSP remained top-down bureaucratically controlled programmes. The community organisation stipulated by the revised guidelines included. Guidelines proposed registration of CDSs under Charitable Societies Act or any other appropriate legislation to facilitate sourcing of grants and loans from other agencies and handling them autonomously.

The guidelines proposed Community Organisers to be full time functionaries, thus placing emphasis on the community development aspect of the programme. The community organisation that had emerged from these programmes, effective only to a limited extent till then failing to ensure community participation in plan preparations under UBSP, gained unprecedented strength and legitimacy through another UNICEF supported project in Alappuzha. Through a survey conducted for the impact assessment of the UBS programme duringa list of nine factors were prepared for identification of poor families.Kudumbashree was set up in following the recommendations of a three member Task Force appointed by the State government.

The community structure that Kudumbashree accepted is the one that evolved from the experiments in Alappuzha Municipality and Malappuram in early s. Kudumbashree community network was extended to cover the entire State in three phases during Kudumbashree membership is open to all adult women, limited to one membership per family. Kudumbashree is essentially a community network that covers the entire State of Kerala.

Ten to twenty women from a neighbourhood form a NHG. Membership is open to all adult women, and limited to a single membership per household.

If a woman leaves the NHG, another woman from the family can be given membership. Even though membership is limited to one woman per family, other women can also participate in the discussions held at the NHG; they can also attend the training and development programmes that the NHG or ADS organises.

All the poor families are to be members of the NHG formed in that neighbourhood; the economic state of families — whether they are poor or not — is decided based on the standards that the government fixes from time to time.

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While membership is open to women of all families, the benefits under government programmes or programmes of other agencies including financial assistance meant for poor families and families belonging to Scheduled Castes SC and Scheduled Tribes ST are limited to women from families belonging to these categories.

Women whose families have come out of Below-Poverty-Line BPL status after taking membership can continue with the membership.

kudumbasree in kerala malayalam

Special NHGs can be formed for the people with impaired speech and hearing, visually challenged persons, physically or mentally challenged persons, people who have been tested HIV positive or AIDS affectedand destitute families.

These NHGs are to be formed with the permission of the government and once formed, will enjoy the same status as any NHG. Special NHGs can also be formed for mothers of mentally-challenged children or those living with people with special needs. The activity groups, however, can claim support under eligible programmes including subsidies. Membership is given to any woman from the neighbourhood desiring membership in a NHG subject to agreeing to work with the NHG, accepting the byelaws.

The NHG general body includes all its members. NHG elects a five members Executive Committee consisting of the following positions. Eligibility for election to the position of president and secretary is limited to two consecutive terms.

NHG — Functions. The NHGs in the community network performs all the functions of typical Self-Help Groups SHG such as conducting regular meetings, running a thrift and credit programme, and maintaining records and books of accounts.

In addition, NHGs have development functions for which they work closely with the local governments. Participation in Gram Sabha meetings and other development related meetings is important to them.

They also facilitate social audit at the Gram Sabha level. See Annexure 1 for a list of NHG functions. In the meeting which decided on the formation of a neighbourhood groups, decisions are taken on the day and time for weekly meetings. NHGs are expected to hold the weekly meetings at the houses of members in rotation.

In the weekly meetings, members deposit the pre-fixed thrift amount with the secretary and get the corresponding figure entered in the passbook and signed. All decisions are to be taken by consensus or through majority support.

All loans are subject to decision of the NHG. The weekly thrift amount for members is fixed as equal to the weekly savings that the poorest member of the NHG can afford to make. Even though this is the general rule, NHGs may decide to allow reasonable levels of variation in the weekly thrift amount among members. Members who do not have source for savings at all are exempted from weekly savings.

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Kudumbashree: How Re-Thinking Poverty & Gender Changed 5 Million Lives in Kerala

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Kudumbashree: How Re-Thinking Poverty & Gender Changed 5 Million Lives in Kerala

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